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Guest Book Responses

These are a few e-mails and entries I received from the old guest book.

Name: Robert Grein
Date: Sat 6/21/2008
Time: 8:07 PM


Good morning Tony:::::::::::

I too have taken my 444 down to the last nut and bolt for restoration. It was a 3 year 8 month project and now has taken a best in class at the Canadian Volvo meet in July07 and a second at a Volvo showing in May08. Mine is also White, but has the Californian yellow/black interior'
Your pictures have served as an inspiration to myself and I suspect many others
I will find the time to add to your parts reference page. In particular, I will have some rear end parts # for spicer 27 drives as I have just completed a conversion from a spicer 23 4:56 early mount trailing arm to a spicer 27 4:10 late mount .

Thanks again::::::

Bob Grein

Name: Phillip Turner
Date: Friday, June 06, 2008
Time: 12:59 PM



I have been following your Brickboard communications with great interest as I also have the PV Disease.

I have had mine (1965 PV544) on the road for just about a year now following a 2 year ordeal that I consider to be quite similar to yours. “Down to Bare Metal, Down to the bottom of the Bank Account”. (See the Nov-Dec 2007 issue of ROLLING for photos of mine along with a short history)

After logging onto your web Page and looking at the photos, and noticing that you are gracious enough to have included a section for photos of others, I am obliged to offer the attached for your consideration.

After looking at the photo of your son, it appears to me that Old Round Volvos just make little children smile. My Granddaughter and I were both very happy when the shell rolled out of the paint booth in April of 2007

Also, just for general interest, here is the modification of the Transmission Tunnel (and replacement of “Swiss-Cheesed” floor pans) necessary for the installation of the M41 Transmission with Model J Overdrive Unit.

Congratulations and I hope you are soon on the road, and grinning like an idiot to all of the passers by who make it a point to wave at you!

Phil Turner (Suppo176)
Lee’s Summit, MO

Name: Jon
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 4:38 AM


Hi Tony,

I was born in 1955. My Father bought a 1957 PV 444 in Torrington, CT, new in 1958 for $2,100 (a LOT of money then). So, I grew up with this car. He always believed in buying the BEST. That car provided us transport for 20 years without ever failing to start or any problems besides the new fuel pump required after I put a sandy stick in the gas tank. (Daddy had a gas station and I was just imitating. It became family folklore about Jon and the stick).

To my ever loving regret I sold that car in 1982 for $100. It wasn't running, I was frustrated at the difficulty in finding parts. Sold it to the first guy who came along, subsequently received at least 100 phone calls of interested parties. What a dummy. Sold way too cheap, people loved Volvos. Asked the guy I sold it to to contact me when he got it running as I was curious as to what was wrong (made him promise, which he did). He never did. His loss, as I later received several parts I had been looking for. Would have given them to him and saved him lots of anguish. Guess it's karma. He screwed me and I screwed him back. Oh well.

It had 70 HP, 3 forward gears, no seat belts, no radio, a wonderful sounding horn and a chain below the middle of the dash that connected to a curtain in front of the radiator. You pulled it up to warm up the engine quicker. The Bosch carburetors (sp?) required occasional filling with oil. That was my job and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was Cape Cod gray and quirky. I never worried about it getting stolen because you had to know it to drive it. The key had to be turned in a certain way, the accelerator had to be pressed just right, when cold you better know just how much gas it needed (or didn't need), stall out after it was warm and you better have something else to do for 20 minutes because it would vapor lock. Second gear? oh my, I believe that gear would take you up the side of a building. Made hills the funniest part of driving it. Slap her into second and ACCELERATE up the whole way. Believe the speedometer went to 90. The fastest I ever got her to (multiple times) was 85 (on flat, farm land straight roads) then would have to back off because you could smell "something" burning.

Once Dad hit the side of the garage and dented the front fender (a perfect bowling ball sized indent). Took it to the body shop. They called the next day, ummmm, Mr. McGraw, you need to get a new fender, we can't pound out this Swedish steel!

Saw it around for many years after. Now suppose it has been scrapped and living in a new form. Major regret as I would love to have it now. Makes your story especially endearing to me. Driving Dad's car, looking like it should, lovingly restored...oh my...


Jon McGraw

Name: Peter
Date: Thursday, April 10, 2008
Time: 12:01 AM


Hello there!

I came across your website while I was looking up information on the car. I actually have my own 444, and I was quite interested in your work so far.

Name: Rob Mowry
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Time: 1:04 PM


I was just looking over your website, and let me say that you did a wonderful job of documenting everything. Your restoration looks absolutely amazing.

Name: Mom
Date: Monday, January 07, 2008
Time: 9:09 PM


TALK TO YOU SOON. I CAN JUST PICTURE THE NEIGHBORS GATHERING AROUND [when the engine fired up for the first time]!!!!!!!!!

Name: Jim Lucht
Date: 09/25/07
Time: 09:55 PM


Hi Tony

I have a '58 444 as well. I've seen your site and some postings on the brickboard- very nice work. Mine is about 80-90% restored I guess. Just picked it up last week and it needs lots of little things. I'll send some pics when I get some decent ones.

It's actually one of five old Volvos I have- they are all I drive. My others are:

'66 1800S
'67 122S Estate
'70 142S Automagic (backdated to SU Carbs)
'78 242GT

The 122 and 142 are my all-season drivers. Anyway, I really like your site. I'm going to enjoy going back to check out your progress...

Take care and good luck!


Name: Roger L. Burkhart
Date: 08/21/07
Time: 07:40 PM



I have been following your web site & am impressed with the results of your restoration. Trust that you are having as much fun as I am. It is amazing that we are both working on the same model 1958 PV444.

This is my second 1958 PV444. The first was purchased for $100 when I was 15 & ran on only two cylinders. A quick paint job & overhaul provided me with excellent transportation through high school. I sold the car about a year after I graduated & joined the Navy. This one I have owned for about 16 years & I sent it to the paint/body shop four years ago. Just got it back about a week ago & it looks good. They did an excellent job.

Unfortunately, I did not work out a cost with my painter prior to starting the project. He is a professional industrial painter, not an automotive restorer, and does not know what to charge for the work. We are negotiating a fair price.

Thanks for your time. Please email or call if I can be of assistance. I have worked on this car for many years. There is a lot I don't know, but I have also made enough mistakes to learn a few things.


Name: Steve Knowles
Cars: 1964 Volvo 544 ,1998 Volvo S70
Date: 09/18/2006
Time: 05:43:15 PM


Tony i just checked out your web site. It looks really good. I enjoyed your pics of Lake Placid, and I registered on your registry. Will keep in touch Steve

Name: Glen & Tanner McMillin
Cars: 69 Volvo 1800S
Date: 09/18/2006
Time: 02:10:42 PM


Great to meet you at the East Coast VCOA Meet Tony. Best of luck on restoring your 58 PV444. Can't wait to see it on the road again. Be sure to post lots of pics on your site so I can keep up with the progress.

Name: Donald Liles
Cars: 1957-444,1966-544, 1981-245,1994-945, 1995-945
Date: 08/12/2006
Time: 02:26:27 PM


Hi Tony, I really enjoy your site and hope to check it often.I am rebuilding my 1957 444 and hope to complete it in 2007 but time will tell.

Name: Ola Øra
Cars: -58 544
Date: 05/15/2006
Time: 02:03:25 PM


Hi Tony! Great site and a great car! Have had PV's on my mind since kid, owned and driven a few of them and also restaured although not so deeply as you are presently doing. Are you going for 100% original, or are you a bit liberal on that? Anyhow, great job and progress so far - keep on!

Name: Greg
Cars: 1991 Volvo 245SE, 1981 Volvo 245DL, 1998 Ford Mustang GT
Date: 02/23/2006
Time: 06:14:04 PM


Hi Tony: This is "Green Machine" from the Brickboard. I saw a link to your site on the BB and thought I'd cruise on in for a look. You've done a great job with the site! I love anything with "before" and "after" pictures showing the progress of a build. Everything is nicely laid out as well. My compliments... Best of luck with your project, and please continue to keep us posted. The fact that this car has been with your family since day 1 has to make this a real labor of love. I hope that you create many good memories for yourself (and is that your son I saw in one of the pics?) as the project moves forward. Greg

Name: peter kalinins
Cars: 2 x 1953 PV444
Date: 01/25/2006
Time: 01:13:42 PM


Great site, the restoration pictures seem all to familiar. I,m doing a nut and bolt restoration on 1953 444 es. I am near the end now, just respray and interior to put back. Best wish from Derby, England! Peter Kalinins PS Loads of parts available from Sweeden. Contact me for details.

Name: Mats Skön
Cars: ....way to many Volvo,s
Date: 01/21/2006
Time: 02:29:15 AM


Hi Tony, It`s a pleasure to see the progress you`ve made so far and I think all of us visiting your site is anxious to see the final result. Thanks for sharing. Mats

Name: Mark Arnold
Cars: 1965 PV544
Date: 01/16/2006
Time: 02:07:54 PM


Hello Tony, I'm in Minneapolis where I've just purchased, like you, an old friend in need of TLC. Am starting with good bones so to speak, but neglected. Talk to you later, Mark

Name: Billy K
Cars: 1963 pv544
Date: 01/15/2006
Time: 09:46:16 AM


Great site Tony, All the close ups are real helpful . I'm currently at basically the same point that your at.Once I restore the body, hopefully by the end of the summer,I'll be able to start building a strong engine. Well have as much fun as I'm having!

Name: Jim Barrett
Cars: 57 444, then new 59 544, now 2 544's-1restored and 1 in pieces
Date: 12/19/2005
Time: 08:01:58 PM


I have been a Volvo nut for over 40 years, and still going strong. I look at everything I can find about 544's and am constantly trying to improve the one that's finished which has won over 40 trophies in the last 2 1/2 yrs.

Name: Matt B
Cars: all US Volvo models '62-84, Jaguar XK120, others
Date: 12/05/2005
Time: 08:00:22 AM


Great progress on a great project! Looking forward to seeing furthur updates. Keep us Brickboarders posted!

Name: Charlie Edmonson
Cars: 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500
Date: 11/28/2005
Time: 10:13:13 AM


Great website. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed car. Charlie