I would like to thank God for allowing me to experience the pleasure of restoring an old car and giving me the initiative to write a book about it! I am truly blessed.

I thank my family to include my father Anthony Scarola (RIP) for buying (probably bartering) the car from Emilie Menzies in St. Petersburg Florida. I also thank my stepmother Judy for allowing dad to keep the car (aka “piece of s***”). I thank my sisters Jacqie, Toni and Jean for letting me keep the car after I restored it – when dad clearly promised it to them first! I thank my cousin Joe DeSando and wife Holly for keeping the car in the family. And I thank my wife and soul mate Jennifer who restored me through marriage, who encouraged me to finish the Volvo and who is helping me to edit my forthcoming book although she doesn't know that yet. :)

Many thanks all the folks I met online and at different car shows over the years to include Cameron Price, Belinda Tomasi, Bob Graham, Boyd Swartz, Donald Graham, Ernie Williams, Dennis ‘Nort’ Norton, Roger L. Burkhart and Stephan Knowles. You guys shared your knowledge and experience with me and offered great encouragement.

I thank all of the local service providers who helped me along the way such as Mike and the crew down at NAPA Kempsville in Virginia Beach, Bobbie at Betterton & Whitlow General Auto Repair Service in Chesapeake, Henry Robinson at Robinson Tech Auto Body & Paint in Chesapeake, ‘Pop’ and family at Mitchell’s Upholstery in Chesapeake, and Mark, Jason, Chris and the gang at First Landing Auto Care in Virginia Beach. Also, I thank Dave Froehlich – Dave’s Antique Radio and TV Restorations in Syracuse New York. These guys’ skills are all top notch and I am very grateful for their services.

I thank all of the guys (many are now friends) who sold and gave me 444 parts and shared your expertise to include Olof Malmberg at Vintage Import Parts, Cameron Price, Christer Johansson – VP Autoparts, Sjef Spijkers – Scandcar Volvo Classics, Dave G. – SU Filters (RIP), Sean Dennis – Charleston South Carolina, Eric Hamlet – Hi Performance Automotive Service in Torrance California, Joe Curto – British Parts & Services (SU rebuild kits), Joe Lazenby – Susquehanna Spares in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Mats Skön – Strictly-Swedish, Ron Kwas – Swedish Embassy (SwEm) and Soren Hee Johansen – Classic Volvo Shop. Without you guys I couldn’t have restored the Old Lady.

Last but definitely not least I would like to thank Volvo for creating the PV 444, John Holtzapple and Gretchen Adams with the Volvo Club of America, Jan Nystrom Editor of VCOA Rolling Magazine, the guys down at Freedom Volvo in Virginia Beach and the VCOA Tidewater Chapter President William Arey.

If you are one of the people who I failed to mention, please forgive me and accept my sincere thanks.

Here are a few links to others who have helped me along the way: